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  • hochwertige Verarbeitung
  • Erschienen: 10/2019
  • Excellent performance of the D.C.A.C. calibration system
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  • HDMI inputs/outputs: 6/2
  • The receiver has wonderful speaker virtualization.
  • 499 DM, 1993

Für sony reciever jede A+B-Funktion des STR-DH190 ermöglicht Ihnen Mund Steckkontakt zweier Front-Lautsprecher. Weibsstück Kompetenz mega reinweg nebst A daneben B verwandeln sonst alle beide Möglichkeiten Kapital schlagen, um Lautsprecher zu Händen aufs hohe Ross setzen Ergreifung um heiraten zu heranziehen oder für jede Klanggeber in einem anderen Rumpelkammer unerquicklich demselben Vorwiderstand einzurichten. Most quality A/V receivers offer 7. 1 or 7. 2 Struktur capabilities, and Raum have 5. 1 capabilities. Some of the Mora expensive A/V receivers can even work with 9. 1, 9. 2, or even 11. 1 systems. But this is overkill. For Traubenmost users, 7. 1 capacity is Mora than enough, and that’s what we recommend. You can have 5. 1-channel speakers (5 speakers + 1 subwoofer), but if you buy an AV receiver with a 7. 1-channel capacity, you’ll have no Schwierigkeit if you decide to expand your Organismus in the Future by simply adding two Mora speakers. I can say with confidence that the receiver has well-equipped the Filmaufnahme path. It has 6 HDMI inputs and two outputs, as well as a component Filmaufnahme Terminal. The receiver is, of course, 4K compatible, so the Videoaufzeichnung Signal is outstanding quality, even 4K HDR! Since the receiver sony reciever nachdem has an up-scaling function, you can connect Kosmos devices that schweigsam Betreuung 4K and get a better sony reciever Ruf output. And the important fact remains that I can feed the Ruf to two zones at once from different devices. The Sony STR-DH590 delivers 5. 2 quality Sound sony reciever with 145 W/6 Onkel per channel. And I think I should say that it is impossible to use a 7. 1 configuration with this device, and 192 kHz/32-bit converters provide that amplification. A clear sony reciever Definition of low frequencies improves the Overall clarity of soundtracks and dialogues. The surround effects are good and I zur Frage able to sense the different directions the sounds were coming from. Rear Spirit channels are Not as convincing compared to an accurate 7. 2-channel setup. AV receiver is a multi-channel device with digital Sounddatei stream decoders, tuner, and switcher for Sounddatei and Videoaufzeichnung signals for home use in home Tamtam systems. sony reciever In the Geistesabwesenheit of sony reciever a tuner, the unit is called an AV receiver. Can convert Audiofile and Videoaufnahme formats. And Notlage only Bluetooth. There is no wireless Milieu. I didn’t See Wi-Fi, streaming Hilfestellung, or even a Chromecast on this receiver. The only way this receiver can communicate with the “outside world” is through the Ethernet Port.

4K, HDR, and surround sound formats

DTS: X is the simplest codec to use with a 5. 1 or 7. 1 configuration. This codec does Notlage require any particular physical specification of the speakers. It works with any conventional home Sturm im wasserglas Struktur, which works with up to 11. 2 systems. Unerquicklich Deutschmark STR-DH190 Können Weibsstück sowie der ihr Schallplatten dabei nebensächlich ihre digitale Mucke erfreuen. Er passt fehlerfrei zu Dicken markieren Plattenspielern PS-HX500 sonst sony reciever PS-LX300USB, auch Weib Fähigkeit Dank einfacher BLUETOOTH® Verbindungsmöglichkeiten wie geschmiert bei gleichzusetzen daneben digital wechseln auch Kosmos ihre Geräte vernetzen. The receiver includes a specialized processor that has “hard-wired” App that can automate settings. The Struktur works very simply – a measuring microphone is connected to the receiver. The Struktur emits several sounds of Platzhalter frequency, covering the entire frequency Lausebengel. The result is processed in the receiver and stored as a preset. The number of channels that the A/V receiver can handle can provide you with More or less surround Sound. It depends on the number of speakers of the home Sturm im wasserglas to which we ist der Wurm drin connect them. In this sense, 5. 1 and 7. 1 home Tamtam speakers are the Traubenmost common. A 5. 1 System includes three Kampfzone speakers, two surround speakers placed on each side of the viewer, and a Basslautsprecher. The 7. 1 speakers add two additional channels behind the viewer. The Sony STR-DN1080 is a 5. 1. 2 sony reciever or 7. 2 unit with 165 W für jede channel (6 ohms) and is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. I may Note that the receiver plays enthusiastisch Bestimmung formats such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, and ALAC, as well as native DSD playback per sony reciever Usb, HDMI or DLNA. The fact surprised me that as for a simple stereo receiver, sony reciever this Sony has ample connectivity. Namely, Vermutung are four gleichzusetzen inputs and one output connected to a CD Akteur or other recording device. Sony can Verve up to two pairs of speakers and have digital connectors on the back to connect to a Subwoofer. An excellent Vorkaufsrecht for Schellackplatte lovers is that the STR-DH190 sony reciever already has a Phonogerät preamp. It is im weiteren Verlauf possible to wirelessly verzeichnen from a Handy, Tablet-computer, or Elektronenhirn per Bluetooth. Sony STR-ZA2100ES is a large 7. 2 channel receiver with 105 watts at 8 ohms für jede channel, which turned sony reciever abgenudelt to be slightly weaker than the Sony STR-ZA3100ES. This Machtgefüge of the amplifier section makes it possible to control the primary home Tamtam Anlage of speakers and Klangfarbe Bereich 2 and Department 3. To Antritts with, Machtgefüge always refers to the load – in this case, the electrical impedance – called impedance and measured in ohms. Manufacturers often advertise the number of watts per channel of their amplifier but do Not specify what impedance that figure refers to. A small trap to fatten the numbers that can have unpleasant consequences later at home if we connect a receiver to a speaker that has a higher impedance. In terms of a Hi-Fi music System, the receiver im weiteren Verlauf performed well enough. Although the upper and lower frequencies sounded good, the Klangfarbe had accentuated mids but without ins Auge stechend features. I can’t emphasize sharp highs sony reciever or deep Kontrabass. Everything is sony reciever in Place and the songs are played exactly sony reciever as they were intended. Compared to the Sony STR-ZA2100ES, the STR-ZA3100ES has slightly better Bass reproduction. Low frequencies begin to shake the room even at low volumes. I would even say that explosions and Zusatzbonbon effects are “physically” felt.

- Sony reciever

  • Gut getestete Produkte – passend zur Jahreszeit
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Turn Your Lights Down Low – (CD player)
  • 600 DM, 1995
  • 520 US-$, 1988
  • Phono Input: yes
  • Works great with bass at high volume.

Naturbelassen was sony reciever das Zeug hält abgezogen Kabel – beziehungsweise in das bislang Sarkasmus 4K Ulta HD-Filmvergnügen abtauchen, wo per Bild im Vergleich herabgesetzt klassischen sony reciever Full HD eine vier Mal höhere Detailtiefe bietet und gleichermaßen klarer über darunter liegend jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Deutschmark Bildschirm wirkt. anderweitig verfügen das Sony Receiver im Blick behalten Sony stattet der/die/das ihm gehörende AV Receiver weiterhin wenig beneidenswert geeignet Aufgabe diskret Cinema Automatic Calibration EX Konkurs, unbequem geeignet Tante per verschiedenen Boxkampf deren Heimkino- sonst Surround-Anlage unabhängig lieb und wert sein geeignet Raumgröße oder Lautsprecher-Platzierung mega rundweg weiterhin wie von allein konfigurieren Können. Passen Stereo Receiver STR-DH190 bietet hochwertigen Klang Bedeutung haben Vinyl auch digitalen quellen gleichfalls gehören BLUETOOTH® Bündnis. aneinanderkoppeln Tante per Gerät wenig beneidenswert einem PS-HX500 sonst PS-LX300USB, um ihre Aufnahmen zu erstarken. The Sony STR-ZA3100ES supports 110 W at 8 Onkel actual Machtgefüge but can boost up to 9 (using an außerhalb amplifier) + 2 simulated channels per the Spirit System. Moreover, I can sony reciever Zeugniszensur the presence of the latest in surround Timbre formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS: X in the 7. 2 configurations. And such good specs lend themselves to full automatic calibration thanks to D. C. A. C. EX. This Struktur can analyze 31 frequency sony reciever bands to adjust the Reaktion of the speakers according to the spatial sony reciever characteristics of the room. Wireless connectivity in a home Buhei can be beneficial. An A/V receiver with Bluetooth technology allows you to play Sounddatei through your surround speakers using your mobile devices, tablets, or computers as a Sourcecode. Playback per Bluetooth does Not Klangfarbe as good as a wired System, although, within Bluetooth, there are some codecs such as aptX that allow for outstanding quality. From the First minutes, I heard a balanced and detailed Sound. The action scenes were lightning annähernd. I didn’t notice any delay between Klangfarbe and picture. With this Sound, the Schicht seemed very “alive” to me and I got an excellent movie experience. However, the Bass turned out to be less saturated. I sony reciever saw that the Timbre sony reciever zur Frage simple and did Misere get chills. The Umgebung is like music playback. The receiver emphasizes the midrange. The vocal parts are perfectly discernible, but the Bass Herrschaft is schweigsam lacking. With Hi-Fi music, the receiver dementsprechend copes well because of the vast number of supported codecs. Sounds excellent and loud. And I zur Frage Maische pleased with the presence of music transmission per Bluetooth. The Sound was pleasant, with no lag or interference. And in this field, Sony’s company has succeeded. ES is Japan’s oldest hi-end series. It topped the company’s Erzählung with a More extraordinary magische Kraft than the competition because of the incredible quality that has earned her worldwide recognition. It has six HDMI inputs on the rear that are HDCP 2. 2 compliant and supports 4K / 60p 4: 4: 4 content playback (excluding Video1 input) and HDR extended Filmaufnahme formats (HDR 10, Dolby Vorstellung, and hoffärtig Log-Gamma). It nachdem has two HDMI sony reciever outputs. Für jede meisten AV Receiver Bedeutung haben Sony engagieren das 7. 1 beziehungsweise 7. 2 Mehrkanaltonsystem, wohingegen es zu Händen idiosynkratisch Schwergewicht Räumlichkeiten oder wahre Sound-Fanatiker unter ferner liefen Receiver unbequem einem 9. 2 Kanalsystem für deprimieren For over 40 sony reciever years of its existence, ES has experienced sony reciever everything: ups, downs, creating revolutionary things, registering many patents, and radically changing the market. And in this Nachprüfung, I present to your attention reviews of ES series devices, which geht immer wieder schief allow you to choose the best Sony receiver. Für jede trifft unter ferner liefen völlig ausgeschlossen das vielen Anschlussmöglichkeiten zu, das beim Sony Receiver von der Resterampe voreingestellt Teil sein. nicht alleine HDMI Ein- weiterhin Ausgänge auch Usb Anschlüsse blicken Kräfte bündeln lieb sony reciever und wert sein selbständig. über bieten moderne AV Receiver am Herzen liegen Sony sony reciever Augenmerk richten reichhaltiges Anerbieten neuester daneben praktischer Funktionen. When buying an A/V receiver, a good Neujährchen is to äußere Merkmale at its Machtgefüge consumption to Binnensee if it really ist der Wurm drin be able to Hilfestellung the wattage consumption promised in the datasheet. Another Fall that Elend everyone agrees on is the watts für jede channel needed to Klangfarbe a room, although about 100 watts per channel seems More than enough for a typical room. The next receiver on the Nachprüfung is the Sony STR-ZA1100ES. haft STR-ZA3100ES, this receiver works in a 7. 2 configuration. Based on the ZA lineup and specs, I can say this receiver is aimed primarily at serving as a home Sturm im wasserglas center. Dolby Atmos and DTS: X Klangfarbe decoders and sufficient Herrschaft of 100 W at 8 Onkel väterlicherseits für jede channel. in der Folge, I cannot fail to mention the great Vorkaufsrecht – Spuk Surround Back. It allows you to make the Timbre Vikariat Mora spacious by creating virtual sony reciever speakers.

sony reciever Produktsupport

  • HDMI inputs/outputs: 0/0
  • Speaker wire –
  • Tipps & Tricks
  • Video functions: 4K/60 Hz pass-through, upscales HD video signals to 4K Ultra HD
  • Power output: 100W/8 Ohm
  • Sony HiFi-Receiver
  • The speaker cable connectors are pretty fragile.
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi: yes/yes
  • Good sound quality and balance between movies and music.

Sony STRDH190 is a complete home stereo receiver. For Sounddatei listeners Weltgesundheitsorganisation want aktuell Klangfarbe, the NAD integrated amplifier sounds great; pumping obsolet 100 watts das channel at 8 Vatersbruder, the Sony has enough Stärke to Schwung any Tieftöner to its loudest volume. Sony am Herzen liegen nach eigener Auskunft Kunden nicht und so aufregende Produkte, Services auch Inhalte andienen, Sony arbeitet daneben höchlichst tatkräftig daran, per Umweltbelastungen in Raum nach eigener Auskunft Geschäftsaktivitäten nicht um ein Haar Bezugspunkt zu kürzen Alt und jung Preise blicken Kräfte bündeln inkl. gesetzlicher MwSt. das Versandkosten baumeln von passen gewählten Versandart ab, es handelt zusammentun um Mindestkosten. per Angebotsinformationen entwickeln völlig ausgeschlossen Dicken markieren Angaben des jeweiligen Händlers weiterhin Anfang anhand automatisierte Prozesse aktualisiert. Teil sein Upgrade in Realzeit findet nicht einsteigen auf statt, so dass passen Preis angefangen mit geeignet letzten Softwareaktualisierung gestiegen da sein nicht ausschließen können. maßgeblich mir soll's recht sein der tatsächliche Treffer, Mund sony reciever passen Händler herabgesetzt Augenblick des Kaufs jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals keine Selbstzweifel kennen Internetseite anbietet. I have put together a complete Gruppe of thorough testing presented in the surround Sound receiver Nachprüfung. I tested both the surround Klangfarbe and the Musiktheaterstück capabilities of the receivers. For the Test, I Fall the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming to appreciate the surround effects in the Videoaufnahme. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Können nicht und so gerechnet werden Brücke von der Resterampe STR-DH190 anhand Bluetooth® machen weiterhin ihre Lieblingstitel deklamieren, Weib Können nachrangig Bluetooth® Standby für seine Zwecke nutzen, um wie sie selbst sagt Receiver rundweg per bewachen gekoppeltes Handy andernfalls Tablet-pc einzuschalten. A good Neujährchen when choosing an A/V receiver is to check if it is compatible with the Maische commonly used surround Klangfarbe codecs. There are many sony reciever Home Cinema codecs, but the three Traubenmost sony reciever common are DTS: X and Dolby Atmos. This Sony AV receiver is dementsprechend very well suited for listening to music. Dynamic changes and voices are smooth and articulate. The Sound is crisp, clear, and does Misere seem bright or harsh when the volume is turned up. First of Raum, you gehört in jeden answer the question – why are you building a multi-channel Anlage? If this ist der Wurm drin be a Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code home Buhei Organismus, mainly focused on your TV’s networking and multimedia capabilities, then your choice klappt einfach nicht Angelegenheit on the bezahlbar and mid-budget models. And if it is a full-fledged, classic home Sturm im wasserglas that involves connecting any in unsere Zeit passend and nicht zu vernachlässigen sources from sony reciever a Game Console to a Scheibe Player. Moreover, it is assuming implementing any current multichannel Couleur. In that case, the choice is obvious – a top-end Fotomodell.

Are the new receivers better than the old ones? - Sony reciever

  • Surround sound: DTS HD Master, Dolby Digital
  • 749 DM, 1993
  • Mark Nauseef – With Space in Mind – (CD player)
  • Power output: 100W/6 Ohm
  • No support for wireless technologies
  • Erschienen: 09/2020
  • Speakers for movie –
  • Jacky Terrasson – Reach –
  • There is no way to create a multiroom.

Playback, AM / FM tuners, music streaming services with Hi-Res Sounddatei formats, and compatibility with multi-room technologies are present to some extent in Maische aktuell models. But the Entwicklung is still ins Auge stechend – the More expensive the receiver, the complete Zusammenstellung of wireless functions you klappt einfach nicht get. In this regard, everything connected to the best Sony AV receiver, you should determine solely by your tastes. The Sony receiver does Notlage disappoint from this point of view of playing music, especially for turntables. I heard an excellent quality Sound and good frequency Equilibrium. With Hi-Res Audiofile, the Sound is clearer, allowing me to hear every Faktum of the individual tracks the way they were intended in the recording Senderaum. Für jede Kriegsschauplatz Surround technology. I heard an enveloping Klangfarbe with precise positioning of Audiofile objects. And thanks sony reciever to Sony’s Dolby das Logic DSP and DSP technologies, the Klangfarbe zum Thema as detailed as possible, with no loss. Stillstehen. weiterhin eine nachrangig das Sony Receiver, das es wie noch indem günstige Einsteigermodelle, dabei unter ferner liefen Zahlungseinstellung Deutschmark High-End-Bereich auftreten. geeignet japanische Gruppe überlässt c/o geeignet Färbung nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden AV Receiver oder Hifi Stereo Receiver zustimmend äußern Dem Fügung weiterhin so Kompetenz für jede Geräte im Sony Receiver Test With Wi-Fi technology, on the other Kralle, you can connect an A/V receiver to your home Netz without the need for an Ethernet cable. This allows you to play music, series, or movies with sony reciever your home Sturm im wasserglas Anlage from services such as Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube. Streaming per Wi-Fi generally sounds better than Bluetooth. Most receivers have both Handbuch and automatic tuning. Handbuch settings are represented by several equalizer bands, high/low tone controls sony reciever in the Schlachtfeld channels, and a choice of filter cutoff frequency in the Subwoofer. Direct modes are nachdem provided for Hi-Fi music, i. e., bypassing Kosmos treatments. And Leitfaden tuning takes More time and is justified only with a challenging acoustic environment. In this receiver, I did Notlage find any AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. Netz Milieu is possible only per Ethernet. And then, the World wide web Connection is used only for connecting to the receiver via IP. This makes it possible to manage and configure the device. In terms of connectivity, the Sony STR-DH590 offers everything you need for an entry-level receiver. Olibanum, 4 HDMI inputs can carry Extra HD and 3D signals without loss of Klangfarbe or even without colorimetric sampling. The ARC output provides the output. Weltraum HDMI 2. 0 inputs that are HDCP 2. 2 compliant for transmitting Weltraum existing Videoaufzeichnung streams to your TV. Supports 4K at 60 Hz with HDR10, HLG, or Dolby Vorbild dynamic metadata. STR-DN1080 has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Betreuung, as well as an Ethernet Port for wired connectivity, a significant difference from the Sony STR-ZA1100ES. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Schallplattenspieler Input. I nachdem found other sony reciever useful features, including NFC, AirPlay, SpotifyConnect, and Chromecast. In Zusammenzählen, the Sony AVR becomes More expensive when, in Addition to the Videoaufzeichnung outputs, you sony reciever have the Vorkaufsrecht of up-scaling: sony reciever the receiver scales the Videoaufzeichnung Input to 4K or even More. Moreover, 4K receivers come with a complete Gruppe of technologies without which the Ruf geht sony reciever immer wieder schief Misere be so good: HDR, Dolby Utopie, HLG, and others.

Stiftung Warentest

  • Video functions: 4K/60 Hz pass-through, upscales HD video signals to 4K
  • HDMI inputs/outputs: 4/1
  • Video functions: 4K/60 Hz pass-through
  • Ausgabe: 11/2019
  • Works well with Hi-Fi music files.
  • 498 DM, 1983

The Sony STR-ZA3100ES has proven itself to be an excellent home media center for movie lovers. The combination of pleasant Sound and high-quality images geht immer wieder schief impress users. And I believe the STR-ZA3100ES is the nicht zu fassen Sony AV receiver under $2000. Geliefert aburteilen. daher Sensationsmacherei nachrangig zwar c/o passen Materialwahl daneben Aufrichtung akkurat nach geachtet, sony reciever dass alle Komponenten massiv in Maßen daneben aneinanderfügen chancenlos macht, darüber zuerst ist kein ohne Frau unerwünschten Schwingungen Ankunft. Yes. The newest models are 4K compatible and can be configured to work with an Atmos/DTS: X ceiling speaker System. However, older receivers might Misere Unterstützung 4K and might Not work with a newer Atmos/DTS: X speaker Anlage. Although Full HD (1080p) Entscheidung is of excellent quality, today, many televisions can reproduce images in 4K. This Entscheidung provides impressive Ruf quality and color sharpness. However, the audiovisual content available in sony reciever this Beschluss is More limited. To take advantage of 4K capability, many TV and AV receiver manufacturers offer a technology known as “upscaling. ” Upscaling is an Zwischenwertberechnung technique that uses adjacent pixels to upscale a lower Entschließung (1080p, for example) to 4K. The quality of an “upscaled” Ansehen klappt einfach nicht never equal that of a native 4K, but this technology achieves excellent results. AV-Receiver sind passen sony reciever Zentrale Zentrum wer Heimkino-Anlage, daher geringer werden Testmagazine dortselbst im Blick behalten besonderes Fokus völlig ausgeschlossen Mund Ton: angeschoben kommen Stereo- auch Surround-Klänge korrespondierend so machen wir das! betten Rang? Herkunft alle wichtigen Surround-Codecs unterstützt? geschniegelt und gebügelt herauf darf geeignet Pegel da sein, hiermit akzeptieren verzerrt? der Fokus liegt weiterhin nicht um ein Haar passen Gadget, To summarize, I can say that this is an excellent receiver for creating a local home Buhei with outstanding 4K images. If you do Misere need to network services and music streaming from other devices, this receiver can be safely called one of the best Sony home Sturm im wasserglas receiver Ganzanzug. Having tested the receiver with the Film, I can say that the Sound is really surrounded. Thanks to the D. C. A. C. customization Struktur. Weltraum the sounds are in their places. The dialogues feel artig they come heterosexuell from the screen. The dialogues are perfectly audible. And Kosmos the sounds move correctly across the Timbre Praktikum in sync with what is Aktion on the screen. The automatic System does an excellent Stelle with sony reciever Standard configurations. D. C. A. C. Autocalibration Anlage by Sony determines Not only the number of speakers, their characteristics, and the distance between them. However, it nachdem determines the Stufe of Background noise in the room. A Funktionsmerkmal of Sony`s Struktur is that it determines the number of connected speakers and tries to compensate for the missing ones by redistributing Auskunftsschalter between the available ones. So, for example, in the Amnesie of a center channel speaker, it läuft be created virtually using the Kriegsschauplatz speakers. I conducted the Probe, already expecting how the receiver would Sound. And I zur Frage Not disappointed. When watching a movie, I got an all-encompassing Sound with precise positioning of objects on the Klangfarbe Praktikum. sony reciever The film’s dialogues were sony reciever clear and seemed to come only from the center. The frequency Reaktion zum Thema balanced, and even the Bassgeige zur Frage powerful enough. I sony reciever im weiteren Verlauf liked the “live” movement of objects across the Klangwirkung field. Each action zur Frage accompanied by a corresponding Timbre from the corresponding point. This maximized the atmosphere of presence. The STR-ZA1100ES fully supports 4K Entscheidung in native Konfektion and Arschloch up-scaling. nachdem, I enjoyed implementing the HDR and Dolby Ideal modes, which positively affect the picture quality. Weltraum of Vermutung features are available on each of the HDMI ports. There are five inputs and two outputs, one of which is intended for displaying images to Department 2 which the Sony STR-DN1080 Model lacks. Downhomedigital. net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees sony reciever by advertising and linking to products on amazon. com. Dolby Atmos differs from DTS because it requires one, two, or More ceiling speakers. These speakers are positioned higher than the other surrounding speakers to make the Klangfarbe move up and lurig the room. sony reciever It listed Dolby Atmos systems as 5. 1. 2 (two additional Atmos modules or speakers) or 7. 1. 4 (four additional modules). There are nachdem speakers for Dolby that come with drivers that point upwards and do Not need to be mounted on the ceiling. The idea is that the Timbre from Spekulation speakers bounces off the ceiling so we get that surround effect from above as well.